Tony Khairallah

General Manager and Founder of Powerline

Operations Department

Roula Sfeir

Customer Service, manages local orders

Simona Habis

Customer Service, manages international orders

Luna Darrous

Customer Service, Manages digital media

Adel Khalil


Sales Department

Habib Fahed

Sales Representative, manages industrial projects

Mikel Nader

Sales Representative, manages retail stores and commercial projects

Technical Department

Nicolas Whaibe

Technical Manager

Michel Abi Younes

Electrical Engineer

Accounting Department

Renee Akiki

Antoinette Baddour

Warehouse Department

Mireille Fakhry

Warehouse and Logistics Coordinator

Ramy Chaaban

warehouse Keeper

Saad Chaaban

warehouse keeper


Elie Haddad


Sami Nader


Logistics Team

Roz Kobir

Mohamad Zakwan